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3D models and video crafted by Emma Orhun.

Outfit builder designed by Pick The Fit.
Playboi Carti
CPFM x Human Made “Bigfoot” Jacket
Frank Ocean
CPFM x Nike Vapormaxes
Kanye West
CPFM “Adult Films” LS Tee
Pharrell Williams
CPFM x Human Made “LSD Tiger” Thinking Cap + Double Smiley “Ranch” Work Shirt
Ava Nope
CPFM x Human Made Double Smiley “Leopard” Work Shirt
Yung Lean
Heaven “Acid Bunny” Zip-Up Hoodie
A$AP Rocky
CPFM Double Smiley Work Jacket in Navy
CPFM x Nike Anorak Jacket
Virgil Abloh
CPFM OG Cowboy Pullover
Lil Uzi Vert
CPFM x Marc Jacobs “Tattoo” Fleece in Green
Nigo & Kid Cudi
CPFM x Human Made “Too Slow” Souvenir Jacket + “Discovery” Jacket
Steve Lacy
CFPM x Swarovski x Nike Platinum Dunks
Lil Yachty
CPFM x Stussy Big Ol Jeans